La Calle Ocho Funk News for 2018

Well it is 2018 and there are so many things on the horizon, so I thought I would write to let you all know what you can expect this coming year, but, before we get into that I first want to thank you all for an amazing 2017. No matter what happens, our success is 100% dependent on each and every one of you. Words are not enough to express our gratitude for your continued support, whether you are a fan, DJ and/or other media outlet, your support has been unconditional and we hope to continue to be worthy of that support in 2018. We would like to send a special thank you to Robert Rivera, Orfilio J Quintero, Carmelo Colon, and Gianfranco Remiggi you are all people working behind the scene making things happen, you are all the unsung heroes of La Calle Ocho Funk.

Since our beginning in Feb 2016 in the now defunct Club Havana on La Calle Ocho in Miami, La Calle Ocho Funk has been striving to be a group that stood out from all the rest. As such, within a short 2 years since its inception, we have gone from playing local cover gigs, to a group with international recognition with amazing sponsorship's and performing original music at some of the most sought after shows. Though in some ways it has been by design, we ended 2017 as we have started 2018, with careful planning and organizing some strategic moves to bring us to new heights. So here is what you can expect;

- Within the next few weeks we will be releasing a biweekly video series we have been working on, to let you all in on who we are as a group and where we are going;

- We will be recording some great collaborations with some of the hottest groups and artists in music today;

- Behind the scenes of the recordings will be part of the video series showing who we are working with;

- We will be doing shows with each of the artists we will be collaborating with;

- In February we will begin with the first of these collaborations with Panacea Project

- In Feb we will be in concert with Panacea Project (see our website for more info)

- We will be playing several national jazz festivals (see our website for more info)

- Release of our first full album; We’ve Only Just Begun (see our website for more info)

In addition to this and many more shows, we will continue with some of the best Brown-Forman shows throughout Florida and beyond, these will include; Jack Daniel’s, Korbel Champagne, Herradura Tequila, El Jimador Tequila, Finlandia Vodka, Sonoma Cutter Wines and many more.

So many more things are on the way, but these are the ones we have confirmed so far. We hope that you will not just follow us here on Facebook, but on our Instagram and more importantly our website where we will post all the information for our shows and recordings.