This years update

When we think we know exactly what is to come, life and the universe has a way to throw changes at you, you never expected. As I wrote previously about what was to come, earlier this year we found out my wife’s sister had been diagnosed with cancer and we truly needed to be close to her. Mind you, she lives just outside Atlanta Georgia area which meant all the plans for the group, sponsors and projects were at best in an unknown status. But, we also knew it was the right thing to do and we didn’t second guess it and felt that if it was meant to be it would happen smoothly.

Well, as I write this in the living room of our new home only a few miles from my sister-in-laws house in a small town just outside Atlanta, to say it has been a whirlwind few months is an understatement. Our plans didn’t go exactly as planned but to say they went anything but the way they needed to go and better than I could have expected is an understatement.

In July the band and I did do our Caliente tour and it was amazing. We performed for some amazing people to packed venues and know I am on the right path, furthermore it paved the way to have a steady flow of places to perform once I had moved.

In Columbia, SC we met the owner of Chayz Lounge, Chaye Alexander who has put together one of the most amazing jazz lounges with the most amazing patrons an artist could ever perform for. The two shows were just a great time and further found that our amazing sponsors at Brown-Forman were excited to work with me for shows in the area.

In Alpharetta, GA the ever elegant and eloquent owner Tamara opened her doors to The Velvet Note, an amazing intimate jazz club that has become a place for regional and national artists to perform for the local jazz community. For me this was a bit intimidating as this definitely would be considered a venue named in the same breath at a national level with places like The Blue Note and Spagetinni as such having them host us on our maiden tour was a bit nerving. Furthermore we were to perform two shows nightly over two nights. Well, to say the reception was warm is truly an understatement and further the feedback after the show has been awing.

Well the tour is over, I am moved and now about to start working. My band in Miami is still part of my portfolio of projects but I am forced to also add to this another project using local musicians to ensure that I can perform regularly for non-national shows. This is where a great musician and friend the amazing Tremaine De’nard Young, a long time friend and musician who had moved to Atlanta some years back. After reaching out and informing him I was moving here and needed a group to perform with for my shows, he not only offered to back me when I needed but also got a group of amazing musicians and put them together to back me. This is why I said when things are meant to be they will happen smoothly. This past Friday I performed with them along with Tre’ and had a great show and are ready to get to work.

You will be seeing some changes to this page in the near future where I will be adding information about my Atlanta project so fans can see the diversity and get to listen to more great music. The Atlanta project will have more R&B along with some rock feels while Miami will still have my native Cuban influences. So please stay tunes, stay engaged and I hope to see you all at upcoming shows.